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Deictic Absolutes 3

Another part - the bit on Proximity. Proximity is about what is almost the same but not quite. It could be a species of the genre 'almost' if the latter is a genre of the order of the other. When we depart from sameness, proximity is the sole guide and in that sense it is a projection of sameness into the other. Friendship is often thought as a figure of proximity: Aristotle thought friends were one soul in two bodies and Montaigne thought friends have everything in common and responsibilities between them are no longer felt as such. Bojana Kunst understands friendship as a departure of the sameness of my identity – of the idiocy of my own endeavors. An interruption. It is through those who are in proximity that I find my neighborhood I can only cease to be an idiot if I find somebody who is like me, who is almost the same. What we have here is a kind of a paradox: I cannot find who I am only with myself, yet I can find who I am with somebody who is almost like me [...]1

Deictic Absolutes 2

A first bit of the book in a draft, on speculation and its problems. It contrasts Meillassoux's views with the doctrine recommended by the book - indexicalism, the view that sees deixis as the main components of what there is. The section is called: After speculation Meillassoux has his own way to overcome correlationism which is different from the other alternatives he mentions. He intends to seize what is beyond what is for-us. Rejecting any metaphysics of subjectivity, he rejects what is without-us in the sense of being for-the-others and settles for what is in-itself or for-nobody (or rather, for-nothing). It is not enough to embrace what is without-us by being for-someone-else (or for-something-else) – the absolute that is hidden behind any (factual) correlation is for-nothingness. Meillassoux seeks this for-nothingness precisely in the relation between occultation and facticity. He claims that the absolute is what makes occultation possible, that is facticity. In other

Deictic Absolutes 1

Been to Olhos D'√°gua for most of this week working on the book that is now called 'Deictic Absolutes - on the proximity of the Great Outdoors'(It was previously called 'The interruption', 'The deictic universe' and 'The interrupted nexus').In the next few posts, more about the book including bits of it. In the images the house of writing and the tree of feeding.

Cyberpositive sanctity

Hashtag LevinasDeleuze. There is an element of cyberpositive in the idea of infinite responsibility (as much as in the ideas of substitution, transcendence of the Other and an-archaic proximity, all of which in the Levinasian sense). If there is no end to satisfying the Other as my responsibility is infinite, there is no sense of self-preservation. I give, I give and stop caring about my survival. Positive cybernetics. Levinas introduces the idea that I need to be independent of the Other in order to be guided by transcendence, in order to be substituted - this is the territory I start out with and the limits of deterritorialization. But as long as I have a house, I can host more and more to an infinite drift, except I need to have a house to host. In any case, doing for the Other points towards an infinite drift (infinite responsibility).

Accelerationist lines

I was distinguishing between different lines in my class on accelerationism today: Left ------------------------------------------------- Right (The traditional politics line) Esquizo ---------------------------------------------- Paranoid (The DG line) Cyberpositive drift ---------------------------------- Imuno-identity or human security system (The CCRU line) Weak ------------------------------------------------- Strong (The Nietzsche line) Bodies ----------------------------------------------- Organs (The Artaud line) Now, there is a sense in which the Nietzsche line, the Artaud line and the DG line anticipate elements of the cybernetic line, the CCRU line. Now, what happens if we take the traditional politics line to be perpendicular to the CCRU line? ................Cyberpositive drift ..........................| ..........................| .....................\ | / .............leftaccel\ | / Nick Land .......................\ | / ........