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Necropolitics and Neocameralism

It is perhaps just wishful thinking that the alt-right seemingly innovative and intrepid ideas will disappear from the scene as Trump's reign comes to an end. They have their own dynamics, but certainly the experiences of the last years, including those in the pandemics, do help to wear off their bright and attractiveness. Neocameralism, what Mencius Moldbug and Nick Land with him ushered in as a model of post-democracy that relinquish important ingredients of the human security system, is one of these projects that is proving to be too grounded in the past to have any capacity to foretell anything bright beyond the democratic rusting institutions. It is little more than necropolitics - which is itself a current post-democratic alternative. Achile Mbembe finds necropolitics in the regimes were warlords take over the state-like institutions (or mimick them)  to rule on the grounds of local security having no troubles killing or letting die whoever is in their path. Neocameralism pos

Cosmopolitics: a Yawalapíti approach

In his study of the Yawalapíti cosmology (see The Inconstancy of the Indian Soul , chapter 1), Eduardo Viveiros de Castro describes spirits (specters), animals and humans as being perspectives. They are different ways in which things can be seen and recognized. They are not fixed, one can have different perspectives depending on the body one finds oneself in a circumstance, on the surroundings one is - whether in the forest or outside it because in the forest one is easily an animal and sometimes a spirit - and on the degree of shamanic intensity one is on. They are not a substantive taxonomy, they are indexicals. Further, he writes that from the point of view of spirits, humans and animals are alike while from the point of view of humans there are similarities between animals and spirits and finally from the point of view of animals, humans and spirit are perhaps the same.  Now, a cosmopolitical moment is like a cosmic epoch with its goals, its fears, its defenses, its dreams and its