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Talk on ultrametaphysics

 This is the text of my seminar on ultrametaphysics on Friday here in Albuquerque. An attempt at a history of ultrametaphysics in five chapters Hilan Bensusan I begin with some of the words in the title. First, ‘ultrametaphysics’, then ‘history’ and ‘chapters’. ‘Ultrametaphysics’, which I discovered that in my mouth could sound like ‘ autre metaphysics’, intends to address what comes after metaphysics assuming that metaphysics is an endeavor – or an epoch, or a project, or an activity – that reaches an end, perhaps because it is consolidated, perhaps because it has reached its own limits, perhaps because it is accomplished, perhaps because it is misconceived. In this sense, other names could apply, first of all, ‘meta-metaphysics’ – that alludes to metaphysics coming after physics, the books of Aristotle that came after Physics , or the task that follows the attention to φύσις, or still what can be reached only if the nature of things is considered. ‘Meta-m

Severino and Derrida: some remarks on the parricide as logocentrism

Paul Livingston, in his Logic of Being , starts out reminding us of the battle of gods and giants at stake in Plato's Sophist according to Heidegger. To the association of being with ousia is connected the very psycho-logic of permanence underneath changing appearances. Reading the Sophist with Severino makes one hint at a connection between the parricide (the introduction of nothingness as a possible object of thought - and consideration) and the link between being and ousia . And, as a consequence, of the origin of the metaphysics of presence in the gesture that introduced nothingness to (Greek) thought. Severino's Parmenides holds that whatever is is permanent. Appearances, to be sure, come and go, but nothing is lost, degenerated or annihilated. Being remains, but it is shown only partially always, it depends on what is exposed and nothing is fully exposed at once - because time passes only in order to make appearances come about. Think about it as a book with bits that a

Charla en Otros Presentes

  Filosofía, espectros e indexicalismo Colonial y contracolonial em filosofía: El privilégio de la universalidad en una linea canónica desde el excepcionalismo grego hasta el excepcionalismo del Atlantico Norte (los cinco países de Grosfoguel). Cabrera: el problema es que ellos vienen aquí y hablam de su problema em su lenguas, nosotros vamos allí y hablamos de sus problemas em sus lenguas. Bernasconi: el paradoxo del parochialismo de la filosofia – la razón es universal pero comenzó em Grecia. La historia de la filosofía como empresa de colonización: Dieterich Tiedemann y Wilhelm Gottlieb Tennemann en los 1790s. Una contra-historia de la filosofia: el desmantelamiento del canon y los problemas canónicos – no es el olvido del Atlantico Norte, es una outra orden del día. Trés temas contra-coloniales: la unicidad del canon (an-arqueología), el sentido del universal (indexicalismo) y la importancia del comienzo (espectralidad). Espectralidad l a

Notas para fala Do indexicalismo ao realismo espectral

  Do indexicalismo ao realismo espectral Indexicalismo na prancheta: Como fazer justiça ao exterior, ao outro enquanto outro, ao fora sem incluí-lo em uma totalidade no limite construída soberanamente sem espaço para um aporte de alhures a não ser enquanto notícia a ser incorporada? Pode a exterioridade levinasiana responder ao problema do correlacionismo? Como considerar a exterioridade levinasiana em uma filosofia do processo que não oferece um privilégio ao conhecimento ou à agência de humanos? Indexicalismo, a fórmula: Quatro ingredientes: 1. Whitehead: elementos neo-monadológicos, locus standi, isca para o sentimento, importância, co-ordenação. 2. Levinas: outro, o traço, a demanda da exterioridade, paradoxo da liberdade, proximidade, não-ontologismo. 3. Referência direta: a ideia de fixação de referência, não-descritivismo, demonstrativos kaplanianos, endereços, contato linguístico. 4. Perspectivismo ameríndio: o caráter cosmológico dos deícticos, ca