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Cabrera's book at Cambridge Scholars is out

Julio Cabrera's new book on negative ethics is out. He's my metaphilosophical guru and has been in an intense dialogue with me in the last two years or so about procreation, negation and interruption. The result of these conversations will come out in a book soon, called "A moral do come├žo" (The morality of beginning). There we end up formulating two versions of anti-natalism and of negative ethics. For the moment, his book on his own brand of anti-natalism can be read: Discomfort and Moral Impediment - The human Situation, radical Bioethics and Procreation by Julio Cabrera has been published by the Cambridge Scholar Publishing. The book is about how humans in the world can cope with two traditional moral demands: that of not manipulating and that of not damaging the others. The human situation is described as structurally marked by a double discomfort: sensible and moral. The book is about the rapports between this structural discomfort and the traditional