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Plasticity and the impossibility of the intelligible intellect

Been reading Catherine Malabou's The Future of Hegel in a reading group in this confinement. Her idea of plasticity emerges from the problems Derrida found in the remarks Heidegger does in the end of Being and Time about the notion of time in Hegel in "Ousia and Grammé". The temporality afforded by the notion of plasticity is one that is immersed in the habits and therefore on anticipation. Contemplating repetition - as Hume once claimed - a subject changes because a projection takes place. The idea Malabou finds in Hegel is that those anticipations constitute time. The Hegelian world appears as a world of expectations where therefore future is ubiquitous. Time is the trace of plasticity because through expectations it shapes things and are shaped by them (as subjects of habit). If I understand correctly, then time is intertwined with Geist and there is no intelligible intellect - the criticism Hegel addresses to Kant in Faith and Knowledge - because concepts are tied

On indexicalism

I have been writing and thinking further about indexicalism and its challenges; considering it in different contexts and in dialogue with different audiences. On indexicalim and the Great Outdoors: The Great Outdoors: Supplement, Excess, and Horizon. On indexicalism, plasticity and exteriority (in Portuguese): A plasticidade e as vozes de fora. I also started a course on indexicalism (in Portuguese) with I don't know how many episodes: Absolutos deícticos 01