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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Nothingness is the rubbish bin of metaphysics

Yes, creation is everywhere. But not ex-nihilo creation. To think of reality without a starting point is to think that the creation of something only happens from something else. It is to Darwinianize creation, if that makes sense: to think that there is no absolute raw material, everything can be used as building material, but nothing is raw.

The idea of pure nothingness makes me think of the idea that we through things in the rubbish bin and they cease to exist. Nothingness is the rubbish bin of metaphysics. We through something there and it disappear from everyone's sight. When people say, prefer nothingness to being and therefore don't procreate, they are merely saying prefer to produce something instead of something else. I guess people would say that this way of understanding is blind to the ontic-ontological difference. I can grant that there is a difference. But if it is put in terms of pure nothingness, the difference collapses in the postulation of an external border for reality.

Instead, I think a reality without arché posits that all bins are recycling ones. There is no pure nothingness as there is no absolute rubbish. Why would we postulate that the layers of recycling that take place everywhere we go would eventually meet an end?

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