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Monday, 11 March 2013

To be immune to the rhythms

Our (Alexandre Costa-Leite and me) first paper on galaxy theory has been accepted in Logica Universalis. I've been thinking of the idea of up for grabs in connection not to non-necessity but rather to infection, contagion or repetition - that is in terms of lack of immunity to the concrete surroundings. In different galaxies (different classes of possible world), different swings are immune to entrainement by other rhythms - different galaxies would have different matrixes of necessity and immunity and therefore would have different things up for grabs.

Immunity is not quite the same as necessity - but it has something to do with having an essence that makes sure that something is not taken astray by what is around it. The issue about the nature of necessary connections relate to the issue of having immunity (and community, to use Esposito opposition). Being up for grabs is also to be in a community, to be open to the other rhythms as opposed to being hostage of an essence, of an enduring nature that makes something dispensed from doing service to the rest (im-munis). To be immune is to be outside the scope of alliances, to be out of the plane where those alliances are crafted (the surexistence). I believe this is a better vocabulary than that of essences. Immune things are not in the commerce of services, don't have a-mmuni-tion because it is closed in itself, doesn't defend and doesn't attack.

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