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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Intensity of forms

Thinking about form as an intensity. The wires in the floor of my bed, like thread, weave themselves on their own,triggered by mere quantity. Nests are made by just placing thread-like material in enough quantity for the threads to weave themselves. Form itself is productive, like paint or temperature. It is an affect. In this cases, matter and form are efficient causes. There is no need for an intervention of a spider to weave around, the web is self-constitutive. Intensity is, I suppose, one of the basis for all things auto-poietic. In particular, I was thinking about floors. Intensity is the forming principle of the floor, the geological accumulation of different matters in different forms. Floors, unlike grounds, are permanently in the making. Layers are weaved by the very form of the material thrown on the existing ones. It is the form and the location of the floor - it is below - that make things become part of the floor. Floors are intensive - they eat up. Not because they are an efficient cause of further floor-making, but because they have the form that captures, in different speed, whatever touch them.

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