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Friday, 13 June 2014

Being up for grabs in the making

I've been writing Being Up for Grabs, the book, steadily since February. My plan is to have it ready by the end of July. I've finished chapter 4 today and this makes me feel that my plan is still feasible. Last Saturday, walking in Buttes Chaumont, Paris, I restructured the book quite dramatically and got rid of two chapter. Its structure now looks like this:
1. Being up for grabs - the preliminaries
2. Anarcheologies
3. Fragments
4. Doubts
5. Rhythms
6. Contingencies and their galaxies
The idea is to develop another sense of priority, closer to Aristotle's "proton to onton" than to Schaffer's. In this renewed sense, accident is prior. It is widespread and crucial for what is sensible, but it is not its ultimate component, nor what comes first ever. Such other priority can be seen in several different ways, as accident presents itself in different ways too. It is part of its widespread character to present itself with different faces.

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