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Monday, 7 March 2011

Post Humanist Politics at the Really Free School

Last Friday I talked a bit about post-humanist politics at the really really free school. Discussion was rather good afterwards as it normally is. Debra Shaw insisted that a post-humanist focus on machines rather than animals (my primary focus, as it were) would take us in very different directions. I was surprised that the Anerkennung tradition got mentioned and linked to revolution. And, of course, when we start talking about (mutual) recognition it is difficult to step outside the humanist tracks.

I should have insisted more in the idea that there is no ready-made humanity. I did that only by considering humanism a form of identity politics, and presenting some criticism of the way some of those identity politics are pressed (like identity is given by nature or it is an effect of the way our enemies treat us). Should have brought up more of my dearest Lucia Garrido, my anti-humanist alter-ego...

(Maybe more on her soon in the blog)

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