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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Philosophy within fiction

In the last few days I found out about three articles of mine coming out in Brazil. I like the one on queer ontology, which is called "Bodies in clinamina" and start out with speculative dermatology - skin against substance - and moves on to gender allagmatics to close with alliances beyond filiation and the ontological power of contamination. A second is on the ontology of doubts. The last is on a special issue celebrates twelve years of our philosophy and fiction colloquia. They were educational for all of us who were there from the beginning, I believe our philosophy got more and more entrenched within fiction. Not only in terms of writing (although I think this was an important part) but also in terms of topics and how they were thought through. I haven't read the last book of Meillassoux, but I like the title mentioning hors science, to qualify fiction; there is another fiction that is not informed by scientific input or gauged by scientific plausibility. To me, this intertwinement of philosophy and fiction has a lot to do with anarcheology - the creation of versions for philosophical purposes (well, this is the definition I would give now for this purposes). Philosophy very frequently has a kick out of origins - authenticity, archives, ancient texts. This is maybe because philosophers have a complicated relation to history - it fascinates and scares. I guess every philosopher has to find her way around history. It is a personal job that no belonging to a tradition can replace. Anarcheology is one of my ways, and it is a possibility: to let history be recreated, a history of the philosophy that could have been. Not to forget history neither to submit to it, but to increase it.

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