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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Being Up For Grabs finished

Last week, on my flight from London to Lisbon I finished writing Being Up For Grabs. I've actually finished on the plane one hour before landing, so I had one hour to rest and cheer before arriving at Mouraria. There's still work to be done, revision, writing the short sixth chapter that concludes the book and organizing bibliography etc. But the bulk of it is done. This is the (almost final) table of contents:

Being up for grabs – the preliminaries
Up for grabs
Turning ontologically towards contingency
The dismissal of necessary connections
Three speculative accounts of contingency
Communitas and immunization
Being up in the air
The parricide
Sumbebeka prota ton onton
Contingentism and haecceitism
Transcendent and immanent contingency
Anarcheologies and ontoscopies

Being out of the blue
Three anarcheologies
Exercises in anarcheology
Idersal Selassie and the pile of Muja
New fragments of Heraclitus and the polemos
Apocrifa from the Sahagún Colloquia and the bringers of movement

Harmonia post-establita
A (deviant) monadology of objects
A (deviant) monadology without monads
Fragments, compositions, composers
Fragments, compositions, and composers: a monadology
Ceteris Paribus devices
Being up for grabs

Indeterminacy and insufficiency
Heraclitus and Aenesidemus
Formulating ontologies of doubt
The epistemology of doubts
Doubts in the open field
Being up for grabs

Rhythm-oriented ontologies
Repetition and entrainment
Rhythmic transduction
Depthless rhythms
A spectulative dermatology
Being up for grabs

Contingencies and their galaxies

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