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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The deictic universe

Soon I'll give the first public formulation of the current form the book (that was once to be titled The Interruption, then A Stranger in your Doorstep, then The Interrupted Nexus and now The Deictic Universe) I plan to finish in the upcoming (climatic) season) in Rio. Right now I have a skeleton:

Intro: The Deictic Universe – the preliminaries
This and that
Being Up For Grabs
Plato's Other, Same, Moving and Restful
Severino's Horizon
Totality and the view from nowhere
Levinas' face
Celan's personal
Kripke's proper names
Kaplan's demonstratives
Perry's indexicals
Kaplan's demonstratives
Agency and monadology
Existents and proximity
Whitehead's panperceptualism
Garcia's dedetermination and the fixation of reference

1. The metaphysics of the others
Metaphysics and transcendence
Hosts and hostages
The diaphonia, doubts and verzweifelt
Exteriority taken seriously
Proximity and transcendence
Correlationism and the other

2. The ethics of receptivity
Receptivity and hospitality
The given and the gift
Concepts and intuitions
The specter of the pupil
McDowell and the thinkable
Travis' representations
Intuitions against concepts

3. The interrupted nexus
Paradoxes of totality
Infinity and transcendence
Existents and actual entities
The process of hospitality
Being and the internal

CODA: Metaphysics at the age of epistemic injustice

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