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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The speculative operation in Meillassoux's principle of factiality and in perspectivism

Meillassoux's argument for the absolute character of facticity is based on an operation that enables him to infer from the factuality of the correlation to a general factuality, the principle of unreason or of factiality. Again, this is an operation that resemble the move from the primacy of correlation to a generalized correlationism that takes reality to be made of correlations (like, everything is in a correlation of some sort with its surroundings, in a version of pan-dispositionalism or perspectivism - or über-realism). This generalized correlationism is maybe either deeply correlationist or a kind of subjective metaphysics (see the previous post). But it does make use of the same (speculative) operation: the correlation between thought and world is our way to experience something more general (either the absolute of correlations in the world or the absolute of facticity in the world).

What is the nature of that operation? Speculative induction? Are we the one example that would enable us to say that everything is in the mid of correlations or facticity? Maybe we shouldn't talk in terms of generalization but rather of the experience of correlation or facticity revealing a deeper (absolute) structure of the world. Some kind of (maybe revisable as Bonjour one day advocated) intellektuelle Anschauung. But notice that to say that we (whatever we means...) are the only item in the world to experience correlations (or facticity) would also require some kind of intellektuelle Anschauung. Something to tell us that we relate to lakes in a way that is different from the way mountains do...

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