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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Schaffer and Heraclitus

Been neglecting this blog for more than a week. In fact, my previous post was mostly concocted more than a week ago before meeting Manuel to write a paper on Schaffer's priority monism. Our take was roughly that the step from the internal relatedness of all things to priority monism (there is something that everything depends on and that doesn't depend on anything - for him, the cosmos) is not warranted. In order to do that we developed a notion of internal relatedness of all things (what we call world holism) that clearly entails nothing like a cosmos, or a whole.

After that, I came to Efes to be part of this film on Heraclitus. Today we are going to do some unarcheology, bury a stone carved with two recent fragments of the Obscure close to Artemis' temple. One fragment is: in order to understand the logos we ought to be like rolling stones. The other one, however, is quite more to the point of our argument against priority monism as a consequence of world holism: while there is no whole, everything is tied to everything.

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  1. Future anarcheologists will rediscover that there is no need to buy one way tickets from Efes to Elea.